Our School Staff

Teachers at Zee Litera Valley School Bhiwani observe and understand the needs of three years old children. They are very well groomed to have patience, understanding and anticipate concerns about little students. They enjoy being with Children. Everyone is friendly and considerate. They share Child's experiences and respect their family cultures. Our teachers are trained adults who are gentle while being firm, consistent yet flexible in their guidance. With teachers at Zee Litera Valley School Bhiwani learning is more serious and works is fun. Staff at Zee Litera Valley Bhiwani observe and keep records of children’s progress and development.

Sr.No. Name Of Teacher Qualification Designation Teacher Experience (in years)
1. Ms. Alka Mathur M.A., M.Phil, B.Ed Principal 17
2. Mr. Sunil Ahuja M.Com, M.Phil, B.Ed PGT 25
3. Ms. Mohini Mehta M.Sc., M.Phil, B.Ed PGT 25
4. MS. Rekha M.Sc., B.Ed PGT 9
5. MS. Sunita Rani M.A., M.Phil PGT 19
6. Ms. Rakesh Kumari M.Sc., B.Ed PGT 10
7. Ms. Priti Dahiya M.Sc., B.Ed TGT 23
8. Ms. Lalitesh M.A., B.Ed PGT 17
9. Mr. Rafik Khan M.A., B.Ed TGT 14
10. Mr. Praveen Grewal M.A., M.Ed, MBA TGT 9
11. Mr. Pradeep Kumar MCA, B.Ed PGT 9
12. Ms. Yogesh Phogat M.Sc., B.Ed, PGDJM TGT 14
13. MS. LALITA M.A., M.Phil, B.Ed TGT 6
14. Ms. Amita M.A., B.Ed PRT 10
15. Ms. Anju Kumari M.A., M.Phil, B.Ed PGT 10
16. Ms. Meenu M.A., B.Ed PRT 7
17. Ms. Rita M.A., B.Ed, PGDHR PGT 12
18. Ms. Sunita Phogat M.A., B.Ed TGT 10
19. Mr. Sanjay B.A., D.P.Ed PTI 15
20. Ms. Rajesh M.A., B.Lib Librarian 6
21. Mr. Yogesh Barnela B.Com, 2 yrs Dip. In Art & Craft TGT (Drawing) 8
22. Ms. Shalini M.A., B.Ed PRT 11
23. MS. Sonam Kaushik M.A., B.Ed, MBA PRT 4
24. MS. Rachna Gupta B.A., B.Ed PRT 4
25. Ms. Neeru Dixit B.A, NTT, JBT PRT 16
26. Mr. Arvind Tripathi B.A., B.Ed, Sangeet Prabhakar, Sr. Dip. Allahabad TGT 39
27. Mr. Pawan Kumar B.A., Jr. Dip. in Katthak from Prayag Sangeet Academy, Allahabad TGT 8
28. Mr. Mukul Kokra M.Sc., B.Ed PGT 5
29. Mr. Amit Verma M.Sc., B.Ed TGT 11
30. Ms. Jyoti Rohilla M.A, B.ED TGT 11
31. Ms Shikha Sharma M.A, B.ED NTT 3
32. Ms. Rukmani M.A, B.ED PRT 2
33. Ms. Hemlata M.Sc, B.ED PRT 2
34. Ms. Anu M.Sc, B.ED TGT 3
35. Ms. Chetna B.A,B.ED TGT 2.5
36. Ms. Jyoti Aggarwal M.Sc, B.ED PGT 10
37. Ms. Jyoti Jangra M.A, JBT PRT 3
38. Ms. Meenu Kaushik B.A, B.ED PRT 4.5
39. Ms. Shobha B.A, B.ED TGT 8
40. Ms. Sudesh Bansal M.A, B.ED TGT 5.5
41. Ms. Poonam Nagpal B.Com, NTT NTT 4
42. Ms. Anita Sharma B.Sc,B.ED TGT 7
43. Ms. Asha B.A, D.P.ED PTI 10
44. Ms. Seema M.A, B.ED TGT 6
45. Ms. Annu Malik B.A, B.ED,M.ED TGT 4
46. Ms. Sarita B.ED, M.A, M.ED PRT 5