School Uniform

With a view to inculcate the feelings of equality, simplicity, discipline and group living amongst students, the school prescribes the following uniform for every student:

For Classes I – XII


  1. Cream Shirt
  2. Light Grey Trousers
  3. Grey Socks with creamstripes
  4. Black Leather Shoes withLaces
  5. School Belt


  1. CreamShirt
  2. GreyTunic
  3. GreySocks with cream stripes
  4. BlackLeather shoes with Buckles
  5. SchoolBelt

Summer-Saturday''s Special

Coloured T-Shirt (House Wise)in place of cream shirt Red, Yellow, Green, Blue

From Play Group toU.K.G.


  1. Blue Trousers
  2. Blue Check Shirt
  3. Sky blue socks withstripe
  4. Black shoes


  1. BlueCheck Frock
  2. BlackShoes
  3. Skyblue socks with stripes

Winter Additions(Both Boys & Girls)

Half Grey Sweater withblue stripes.

Grey Jacket with hood.

Woollen socks - Greysocks with blue stripes.

The students are requiredto be in proper uniform whenever they came to school (even on holidays)
except for the specialdress prescribed for any particular occasion.
Parents are requested tocheck the following of their wards ;

  • hair cut and nail cut
  • personal cleanlinessand hygiene
  • uniformity of shade andpattern in the dress.