Administrator's Message

Education forms the basic fabric of one’s personality that shapes one into complete human being with a purpose. Our vision of true education is to ensure holistic development of student-mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. A spiritual undercurrent flows in all educational processes to help the students grow up into adults, equipped with value base, deeply rooted in the country’s rich cultural heritage and traditions. Education must have a sense of direction and an aim to achieve some useful ends.

We, at Zee Litera Valley School, endeavour to create an atmosphere to motivate our students for acquiring multi-directional competencies and skills. Systemic support, character-building and independent thought are our best aids to what we call empowered learning since we envision that the world would be an oyster for our students; excellence can be a point of culmination; and the desire to excel in unbounded.

In never-ending pursuit for excellence; Zee Litera Valley School aims at providing education in a stress-free environment, where the children would be shaped up into independent, self-reliant and responsible individuals. We constantly seek to out-perform the best.

Towards the achievement of academic excellence in all forms and hues, the faculty of Zee Litera Valley School constantly subscribes to an endearing philosophy of teaching in that every teacher is a helper, a friend and a guiding philosopher in a congenial environment, where focus is on encouraging experiential learning and knowledge, rather than imposing them on students. We shall always take care that our students give out their best as partners in this process, rather than being watchful objects.

To conclude, I would like to borrow a few words from A.B. Alcott: “Observation, more than books; experience rather than persons, are the prime educators!”