Co-curricular activitiesare the heart-throbs of a school’s life. In order to make our students fit forthe future time and to develop a sense of leadership, diligence and team-spiritin them, the school regularly organises a plethora of activities. Theseactivities are planned according to the age, ability and creativity of ourstudents. The presentations in daily morning assembly ensure mass participationof all children.Competitive programmes ofdebates, elocution, recitation, essay writing, storytelling,picture story writing,group discussion, extempore, quiz etc. are organised according to a fixed schedule.Hobbies like painting, music, craft, best out of waste, gardening, dancing etc.are encouraged and programmed in the school activity.Children learn best byseeing, doing and experiencing, so educational excursions, tours and picnicsare organised during the school terms.Every year, a gamut ofInter School competitions are organised in the school campus to provide ahealthy exposure to our students.


‘A sound mind resides ina sound body’. Progress and development of a child depends upon his mental andphysical energy. Therefore, to develop standard of physical fitness, our schoolgives due importance to sports and games. The massive playgrounds embellishingthe school campus provide the facility of playing basket-ball, football,cricket, badminton, kho-kho etc. under the expert guidance of the PhysicalEducation Teacher. Indoor games like table tennis, chess, caroom, ludo etc. areenjoyed by students in the well equipped sports-room. The students are alsoprivileged to practise roller-skating games in the school campus